Gold Catalysis

Gold catalyzed cycle for a wide-ranging alkyne and alkene activation for addition of nucleophileAu-cycle

Homogeneous gold catalysis

We have developed a method to create instant cationic, catalytically active, gold nuclei induced by pyridine tethered in NHC ligand carrying gold specie (AuCl3).


We have extablished a direct Au(III) catalysed route from enynamines to cyclopentadienes (Cp). Initially, we thought that isolated zwitterionic Au(III)cyclopentadiene would play a key role in the mechanistic pathway (CEJ 2010).

Cp-JOC Abs


Recently, we have discovered that the chirality is transferred from the amine moiety to the bridgehead of Cp (JOC 2014). Theoretical and experimental studies suggest in concert that a unique dual gold push-pull transition state is involved in the alkene cis-trans isomerization step, while chirality is transferred via a helical shape transtion state with allenic character.

Cp Mechanistic cycle




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