Group Leader: Juho Helaja

Post doctoral associate

Dr. Anna Lenarda: development of carbocatalytic materials and electrochemistry studies

Anna 20200128_163132

Lukas Enders, M.Sc. development of asymmetric gold catalysis with new NHC ligands

Lukas 20200131_143721

Otto Seppänen, M.Sc.; gold catalysis, new ligands for gold catalysis


Juulia Talvitie, M.Sc. Quinoidic photoredox catalysis for organic transformations


Iida Alanko: M.Sc. Quinodic photoredox catalysis and TH-studies

Iida 20200131_105054(0)

Master Students:

Bachelor Students:

Students may inquire research projects by contacting Juho directly

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M.Sc. Juho Koivula: Carbocatalytic conversions

JKoivula 20200128_161419

Dr. David Casadio; carbocatalysis and carbocatalyst mimicry

Currently at Fortum Espoo


Dr. Santeri Aikonen; combined computational and experimental approach to develop catalytic reactions

Currently at Colorado State University Prof. Robert Paton research group



Dr. Evgeny Bulatov: carbocatalytic conversions of heterocycles

Evgeny 20200128_161316

Dr Tom Wirtanen, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis with and without metals

after post doc in Prof. Siegfried Waldvogel AK, Mainz, DE

currently at VTT


Dr. Aleksandar Todorov, MSc.; tautomeric switching and photoredox catalysis

Current position: post-doc in Prof. Kilpeläinen group


Mikko.K.Mäkelä; carbocatalytic conversions


Vladimir Iashin, MSc.; modication of chlorophylls

Current position:


Ina Borg, M.Sc. dual active NHC-carbenes for gold catalysis


Erika Fager-Jokela, Dr.(tech.); Pauson Khand reaction

Current position: at Fermion

Taru Nikkonen, Dr.; Modification of chlorophylls and their photophysics

Current position: Ashland Finland


Mikko Muuronen, Dr.; theorerical and experimental metal mediated catalysis

Current position:

Research Scientist / Lab Team Leader BASF, Ludwigshafen, Germany. (After post doc in

Theoretical and Computational Chemistry in Prof. Furche group, Irvine and Prof. Kaila group in TUM; Germany)